flattop barges

Dexter, your reliable partner for charter and outfitting of flattop barges

Dexter’s core business is to rent out- and mobilization of flattop barges for clients in the offshore construction business.

Port extension projects

Dexter Marine Services supplies specialized equipment like flattop barges with crawler cranes for lifting operations, hi speed crawler cranes for vibro-coring or flattop barges equipped with coaming and deck protection for rock-handling.

Offshore projects

Most of the flattop barges can also be equipped with hydro- or manual operated spuds or a set of winches to achieve a stable platform with a 4pnt mooring system.

We offer our services for mobilizing barges, whether your own barges or those we can supply via our colleague barge owners, this includes the sea-fastening of equipment and preparations for sea voyages.

Time is of the essence, especially during the start- and first phase of a project and we can help you to safe time. Thanks for your attention and we look forward to your enquiries. Please send them to: marineservices@dxtr.nl.